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General Questions

Yes we do offer an install service within the Auckland region @ a rate of $60 per hr, per person plus delivery time.  Minimum 1 hour.  Usually 2 people to install.

The current turnaround time for one of these is 3-4 weeks, once a 50% deposit has been made

Yes we can, and an approx cost can be quoted upon request

Most of our products dont require assembly, if shipped. The ones which do eg Dandelions, have been designed for simple, easy assembly, come with instructions and we are only a phone call away

Yes, our design team can design something to your fit within your design brief

Yes, on most of our products we can change the scale upon request

if the product is faulty, we replace the item

Yes we do offer a install service within the Auckland region @ a rate of $60 per hr, per person


Yes, we make a more heavy duty coastal grade for coastal properties upon request

No they wont ‘rust’ but like all stainless steel they will get a ‘tea staining’ effect, which is like  lite seethrough rust tinge only on the surface which can be removed quite easy. Spraying the stainless with a clear stainless steel protect spray annually will reduce/stop the tea staining

The Dandelions are made out of 308, 316 stainless steel and copper, materials which are designed to last for many years – depending on the environment it is located within. We recommend to annually spray the ‘head’ of the Dandelion with a clear stainless protection spray which would increase the lifespan of your art piece eg 20 plus years

They are very easy to relocate if you move, or shift around the garden – within minutes

Yes they can be placed on any hard surface with ease. When ordering please let us know what surface it is going to be placed on and we will design/construct for that particular surface, at a small additional fee


This finish lasts indefinitely. Corten if left alone will take 2-4 years to reach its peak patina and then should remain in that state with very little change

We currently have 6 head options, but can do a one off head eg one of your kids, or a whole family