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EVoS – Evolution of Sculpture – is a collaboration between Adam Shuter and Aaron Flower, creating and forming stunning environmental sculptures. Their organic sculptures blend marine grade stainless steel with copper and represent the NZ landscape and culture – cabbage trees, dandelions, Maui heads and NZ native flax sculptures – all designed to last outdoors for many years.

“The sculptures we create focus on nature and how it interweaves in its organic forms. On the surface, these figures are simply pieces of modern art, but to the people of New Zealand they are symbols of the native aspects of New Zealand culture and the flora and fauna found only in ‘the land of the long white cloud’.”

Aaron and Adam work with various materials to create their sculptures – wire, metals, perspex that channels light to enhance the beauty inside the forms – all designed to withstand environmental conditions.

To discover their beautiful work, visit EVolution_of_Sculpture and check out their Facebook page: EVoS – Evolution of Sculpture.

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